Disappearing Masculinity is about the continuing redefinition in society of its idea of a man. Society today acknowledges that men have often, and for too long, been portrayed as both the physically and mentally stronger gender. Conversely, when a man shows his feelings he often continues to be described as feminine, where femininity is considered weak attribute. Society continues to be confused, almost to the point where we could imagine that the notion of masculinity might disappear completely.


Women have long been subjected to the male gaze, and the time feels right at present for men to be photographed and interpreted through a female gaze. I have turned my camera on men in a dreamy, soft way to explore their vulnerable and fragile side. I put masculinity under the lens by applying my female gaze to my subjects. My photographs fight the traditional stereotype of male representation — the strong man without emotions — and show that men have feelings too. Yet throughout my photographic process, as I strip away all these layers of masculinity, the disappearance of masculinity becomes a focus in itself. In other words, the notion of masculinity can physically be seen as undefined and disappearing.

Disappearing Masculinity

Following the theme of disappearing masculinity, these prints were developed in the darkroom, the negatives exposed directly onto aluminium. These prints allow one to see a more expressive and emotive side of the ‘man’, capturing parts of the male body which would not stereotypically be defined as masculine, an d therefore turning these prints into a direct contrast to the idea of the ideology of masculinity as a whole. These ambiguous depictions of the male body allow me to create a visual question into the reality of masculinity.

The Exhibition