Garstig is a term used to describe the disobedience of, often girls, who behave against the norm or in a commonly perceived ‘nasty’ way. 


The name Garstig comes from the German translation- 

nasty {adj} beastly {adj} {adv} foul {adj} ugly {adj} nastily {adv}


Garstig is a new publication created by women about women and food. We have dedicated this first issue of Garstig to drawing attention to the people behind the food,  giving female chefs in the food industry a louder voice, highlighting the underrepresentation of women in the professional kitchen across the UK. 


Within the UK food industry, female chefs only make up 18%. Women still get classified as cooks where a chef is seen as a male roll. Behind closed doors, these women still get pushed around and harassed, something that needs to be brought to light within society. This issue will highlight not only their strength but their love for cooking, celebrating these female chefs sharing their stories, experiences, Inspiring other women to not give up or give in, but push back to pursue this male-dominated career.